What can a Town Crier bring to Your Wedding?

Have you heard of a Town Crier before?

Many people haven’t, so let me paint a picture for you.

Your guests will arrive at the reception hall, but they will slowly trickle in.

Imagine if you had somebody dressed in the finest 17th-century uniform you’ve ever seen formally announcing your guests, making them feel like they’ve entered a new world as they are welcomed into the reception and brought straight to you. Imagine having this person be able to answer such questions as, “Where is the coat room?’ or “Where do we put the gifts or envelopes?” These services are not always provided by the venue; if they do, certainly not with the style of a Town Crier.

Our Wedding Package from Town Crier Hospitality and Convention Services is designed to create and offer a formal beginning to your reception as well as provide the elegance and pageantry that you’ve always wanted for your wedding from the moment you arrive until the last guest leaves.

I would love to help you to see how beautifully this could be incorporated into your wedding.

Our wedding packages are designed to bring this type of elegance and pageantry to your wedding, and we have several options for you to choose from based on the experience you would like to have.

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