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Involving an Official Town Crier in your Corporate Event Planning will add pageantry and elegance. and can ensure that your well budgeted and well planned event stays on track.


Your Town Crier will:


Choose from Three Convenient Packages to fit your needs and your budget



Time is money when it comes to staging an occasion, whether it is an Annual Sales Meeting, Christmas Party, or other Special Event. Corporate Events generally involve large numbers of people, and events held at hotels or conference centres in particular, require that your organization is in-and-out in the time booked.  Delays can add unbudgeted costs due to time overruns.

This is where an Official Town crier is invaluable: in managing people flow, especially during events with frequent breaks, where having attendees return to an auditorium or meeting room on time is a challenge.



A Town Crier greets your attendees at the location at the start of the event.  Announcing the purpose for the gathering in a unique and novel way, with an official "Oyez!" or "Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!" the Crier quickly gets their attention.  As your very audible and visible representative, when the bell subsequently rings, attendees know there's an announcement of some type.


On Schedule

Whether it is a "10 minute break", “break for lunch," "please return to your place", announcement of a draw, or awarding of prizes, the Town Crier gets and keeps people moving and meetings on schedule.

For Corporate Celebration Dinners and-Parties, the Town Crier hushes assembled guests, requests them to take their seats at their tables, and with great pomp and ceremony, announces the Head Table, Award Recipients, Honoured Guests, or other Benefactors, as they make their entrance, or on their way to the head table.



At the Special Event, the Town Crier can announce awards, read a declaration of thanks or other important pronouncements.  The Town Crier can then ask the crowd to respect any particular wishes of the Hosts (ie. no smoking, hold questions till the end, etc.), as well as announce the schedule of events (dinner, dancing, special events, photo opportunities, etc.) The Town Crier will then either introduce your master of ceremonies, or continue by announcing the next speaker.

A Town Crier, as the Master of Ceremonies at your event allows all your organizers and attendees to enjoy the event.